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Canyon Rim Outfitters Testimonials

Canyon Rim Outfitters Testimonials

Here's what a few of our customers have had to say about us.
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Chad hodges

Chad hodges

Jan 29-2024 - Chickamauga Ga

I had the pleasure to Mountain Lion hunt with Scott Summers and his son Scott jr. Scott’s dogs are exceptional which was demonstrated with them running a 2 day old track and tracking down the lion that I harvested. I harvested the Lion on the first morning of the first-day. Scott and Scott jr are very knowledgeable and hardworking hunters that know the Lions and the terrain like the back of their hand. I enjoyed the short hunt with them and would highly recommend Canyon Rim Outfitters to anyone looking for a Mountain Lion Hunt.  Thanks

Drew Stewart Junior

Drew Stewart Junior

Winter 2024 - Silt, CO

Went on Lion hunt not really knowing what to expect. Scott and Scott Jr. were very informative about lion hunting. The Plott hounds are amazing dogs. I was able to kill out on the first day of the hunt and shot an extremely nice Tom. The hunt quickly goes from zero to a hundred once the dogs are released. Dress in layers and warm then lets Scott, Junior and the Plott hounds to do the rest!!!!!!!

Blake Filbrun

Blake Filbrun

Spring 2024 - Silt Colorado

I just finished up my hunt recently with Scott and Junior here at Canyon Rim Outfitters. This was my first ever guided hunt and it lived up to everything I could imagine! We hit the ground running on day one with it ending with a lion down. I spent a few more days chasing bobcats and these guys worked incredibly hard to make that happen as well! In all weather conditions they will try their absolute hardest to make your hunt successful! I highly recommend them and have created a memory of a lifetime! Thank you guys so much. Blake Filbrun

kris rukavina

kris rukavina

Winter 2023 - Kansas City MO

If you have a dream of bringing home a mountain lion look no further. Scott and Scottie Jr and the team of Plott hounds they have raised are nothing short of amazing. I arrived in Colorado on my second year chasing this dream and left in 2 days with my beautiful cat. These men treated me like family not a client. That is priceless. We had minimal snow and bad conditions on my early season hunt. My advise would be to get to these dogs as fast as you can which is intimidating, the dogs safety depends on you getting there and making a good shot. Goldie lead my team and was injured but never gave up, these dogs are amazing. I'm very humbled and will probably never top this experience. Thank you guys from the heart. I cant express my gratitude enough. This cat is dedicated to my dad. Him and I had a dream and canyon rim outfitters made it come true I'm forever grateful. They are the real deal.

Mike P

Mike P

Winter 2024 - Tennessee

What a great way to bring in 2024 with the hunt of a lifetime. Scott, Scottie and the dogs were a fine oiled machine that worked their tails off to finally allow me to have a successful mountain lion hunt. I had been on four previous lion hunts and never had an opportunity to even take the shot. The fellas worked so hard, in tough conditions as there was little to no snow to work with. But on the fourth day we found tracks and the dogs, Scott and Scottie navigated through multiple lion tracks to get me on a beautiful lion that I can't wait to have mounted. I can't say enough good things about Canyon Rim Outfitters and want to let all know who read this that you can't ask for a team that works any harder to try and bring a hunter success. Thanks Scott and Scottie!

Bill Guderley

Bill Guderley

Winter 2023 - Mchenry, Illinois

For many years it has been a dream of mine to hunt Mountain Lion in the Western States. To make that dream come true, I did my homework on figuring out what State to hunt, and then ultimately what Outfitter to hire to help me achieve my dream. In the process of researching numerous guides and outfitters, I came across Scott Summers of Canyon Rim Outfitters and immediately felt he was different. His upbeat demeaner, open way of communicating on how the hunt will proceed, and his positive outlook on being able to find and bag a Tom – regardless of the conditions, really set him apart and I knew I had my guy. Well Scott and his son Junior didn’t disappoint when I started my hunt the first week of December 2023. This pair works super hard in making your dream hunt a success. I bagged a Mountain Lion on the first day of the hunt and the day couldn’t have played out any better. Scott and Junior have amazing regional knowledge and access, and they are top notch houndsmen and lion hunters. On top of all that, they are truly fun guys to hang out with as well as hunt. If you are looking for a super Mountain Lion hunting experience, you can’t do better than hiring Canyon Rim Outfitters and Scott and Junior Summers to make that happen.

Jon P

Jon P

Mountain Lion

Highly recommend Scott and jr. Knowledgeable guys who will bend over backwards for you and make you apart of everything. Big lion country with some very talented hounds. Not only did I get to harvest a lion but was able to achieve knowledge on how to hunt lions that knowledge I will have forever, after my experience with them I will be back to hunt with them some more. if you have questions, they will have an answer for you Great guys Great hunters and Great friends. DONT LOOK ELSEWHERE THESE ARE THE GUYS TO CALL!

Jon P

Chad N

Chad N

Mountain Lion

Scott and his son Junior, at Canyon Rim Outfitters, run a first-class operation.  The best dogs, best equipment and best guides in the business. I've hunted with a lot of outfitters in the past 20 years and these guys are second to none.  They work incredibly hard to make sure you're successful.   They are also really great guys and a pleasure to be around.  Be in shape, shoot straight and they'll do the rest.  I highly recommend them to anyone wanting to kill a big cat.

Kevin N

Kevin N

Mountain Lion

I had an awesome hunt with Scott and his son.  They definitely know their stuff, the area that they are hunting and have awesome dogs.  The dogs are super athletic, so agile and quick.  His equipment is top notch and Scott, and his son were very persistent.    I had a great time, got a bucket list Tom and I will be back.  Kevin N - 



Mountain Lion

A reference or a testimonial is something I take seriously due to the fact of others who do the same and make a decision from them. I can tell you right now that I give you my word, these guys will give you everything they got to see you get a hunt of a lifetime.   

Scott and Scott Junior are very professional at what they do. 

They have some of the best group of hounds I’ve ever seen. 

Scott has so much confidence in the “plott mafia” that when you do find that coveted lion track, your day will probably end with a lion in a tree. 

I made a memory that will last me the rest of my life.  Not only that but I made a friendship with these guys. 

No need to look any further for an outfitter that will put you on a lion. Book a hunt with these guys and you’ll see that everything I’ve said is true!


Daniel R S

Daniel R S

Mountain lion hunt 2021/22 season - Russiaville IN

Scott and his son are exceptional at what they do, six hours into my first day they put me on a giant cat. I’ll Definitely be booking with these guys again for years to come!!!!

John  M.

John M.

New Jersey

I had a great time with Scott and his son. Two of the hardest working, knowledgeable guides I have ever been hunting with along with amazing hounds that can't wait to get out of the truck and track down a mountain lion for you. They know cats, the area they hunt, hounds, and have all top of the line equipment to get you around. Can't wait to come back!

Tyler A

Tyler A


Words cannot express how grateful I am to have found Canyon Rim Outfitters. Scott and his staff will do everything they can to make sure you are successful. I knew within the first 5 minutes of the hunt that I made the right choice to book with Canyon Rim. These guys know every canyon and road in there hunting grounds and if there is a cat in it they will find it. There equipment is top notch and they are well respected in the community. This was defiantly an experience of a lifetime and I cannot thank Scott, Jr, Nick, and the Plott Mafia for getting me a trophy Tom.

Charisa, CO

Charisa, CO

My hunt with Canyon Rim Outfitters was the hunt of a lifetime and changed my life in so many ways.  Scott and Sheila are outstanding, and the dogs are phenomenal. The time and energy Scot puts into training the dogs truly shows during the hunt. They are truly professionals and it's a top-notch outfit.

 It's impossible to describe just how amazing this hunt was in just a few words. I encourage you to read the story I wrote about my experience to understand just how much it changed my life. I highly recommend booking a hunt with Canyon Rim Outfitters, you will not regret it! Why settle for the rest when you can hunt with the best!

Read Charisa's Full Story Here

Cheyenne M., Utah

Cheyenne M., Utah

After going on a lion hunt with Canyon Rim Outfitters I truly appreciate the difficulty, time and effort involved with finding a Trophy Tom Lion Track. I’ve been asked why would I travel to Colorado to hunt a Mountain Lion when we have so many Lions in Utah? After you see the lions harvested by Canyon Rim Outfitters it’s a easy question to answer. I’ve seen so many small lions taken as trophies here in Utah and other states. Fact is they still have many more years to mature. Scott looks for lion tracks then determines if they’re ready to take. Now that’s an outfitter that cares ! Our trip started with one attempt a few weeks prior that didn’t work out. Then a few weeks later at 4:00 am I got the phone call I’ve been waiting for. My gear has been packed and waiting for this moment. Once I arrived a few hours later Scott let the hounds go on the Big Tom Track. The hounds trailed the Tom for several miles in very deep snow. After a few hours of trailing the GPS showed that the hounds were treed. We started our hike up some steep snowy hills to get to where the hounds had this monster Tom caught. When the lion seen us walking into the tree apparently he had enough time to rest and catch his breath because he decided to jump out of the tree and head down the canyon. The hounds were hot on his trail and they quickly put him back up into another tree a few hundred yards deeper into the canyon. When we approached the second tree I quickly pulled my .500 Nitro Express Merkel double rifle out. Yeah it’s beyond Overkill, but I love my double. It actually worked out perfectly having my.500 because his vitals were covered up by the Huge Cottonwood tree that he was hiding in. So with this deep penetrating bullet I aimed at his right hip at an angle that would track straight through his vitals. The 570 grain Woodliegh soft point bullet ended up in his left front shoulder. The lion weighed in at over 170 pounds and my taxidermist said it’s the largest lion he has ever seen. Overall Scott and his crew were polite, professional and most of all they care about the quality of trophies. I already plan to hunt bobcats with them after I return from Africa. By the way, you’ll want to get in shape prior to your hunt. These lion hunts can be quite difficult but with some exercise and hiking prior to your hunt it is very doable. I would recommend bringing a walking stick and snowshoes. Also make sure your rifle has a sling, you’ll need both hands available for grabbing brush and pulling yourself up the mountain. This was truly a Hunt of a Lifetime.

Ray K., NC

Ray K., NC

"Bucket List Lion Hunt"

While driving out to Colorado from my home in the Outer Banks (to visit the kids) I had thoughts of Mountain lion hunting. Checking the internet and leaving some messages with outfitters I came across Canyon Rim Outfitters and noticed a listed cell phone. Upon calling I was planning my hunt within minutes. As things went the season was to start in 6 days and I booked the first week immediately. A quick stop at Cabela's In Kansas City had me equipped with all I needed and a vintage 1956 Marlin 30/30. My stay in Rifle, Colorado was great. An early morning pickup from Scott had me out-in some beautiful country quickly. Three days of prospect hunting in less than ideal weather conditions had me hoping for some snow. Day 4 it happened! We had a nice Tom track on public land, and we “dumped the box” at sun up. Three hours later a nice tom was pinned down, bayed up on a cedar snag that was hanging over a Cliff! This outfitter is the hardest working, most engaged hunting guide I have ever booked with. I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for a Mountain Lion Hunt.

Jimmy M., PA

Jimmy M., PA

Scott and his son really know their stuff about mountain lion hunting. The equipment and vehicles are top notch and their dogs are some of the best dogs I’ve ever seen in my life. When their dogs get on a scent, they’re like a rocket ship. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s so exciting. I’ve been all over the west for hunting, also Africa too and never had a hunt like this one. The BEST by far.  Jim M.

Aaron B.,  CO

Aaron B., CO

I had a great hunt with Canyon Rim Outfitters.  I was able to take a great tom with my bow and bring my son with me to experience the excitement.  Scott's hounds are hard working with an amazing drive, and it was awesome to see them do what they love.  I would definitely recommend Canyon Rim Outfitters if you are looking for a great adventure, with a hard working, professional and friendly guide, in some of the greatest landscapes the western slope of Colorado has to offer.

Eugene N.,  Poland

Eugene N., Poland

Canyon Rim Outfitters was very great to work with. I truly enjoyed the professionalism they provided and the exceptional dogs lead by Puma and her team. I have a very strong accent and they where very patient and understanding. Very honest and genuine people. I can’t wait to use them again

Kim A.,  CO

Kim A., CO

"Wow what a hunt of a lifetime"! You can definitely tell Scott and Scott Jr. take their job seriously. They had exceptional detail to the hunt, and the dogs are remarkably well trained and behaved. The guides were willing to put in the hard work for my success.  I personally was challenged beyond what I was capable of, but do to the encouragement of Scott and Scott Jr. it was a successful harvest. The hunt will resonate with me as the top hunt of my life so far.  I can highly recommend Canyon Rim Outfitters as a top-notch experience. Thank you Canyon Rim Outfitters!

Until next time. 


Lane W., NY

Lane W., NY

I want to thank you and your family for an unbelievably good time. I have been lucky enough to go on hunts in several states with other outfitters and I can honestly say that Canyon Rim Outfitters provided me with one of the best experiences to date. Your equipment is all top shelf. Your dogs are awesome and to see the excitement when they get on a lion is something that any hunter could appreciate.  All that being said, the desire shown by you and your son to provide me with exactly the hunt that I was looking for amazed me!! I am thrilled with the animal that we harvested and will not soon forget the experience!

Thank you to you and your family for everything.

Scott L.

Scott L.

My time with Canyon Rim Outfitters was second to none. I couldn't have asked for more in a lion hunt - From the service, friendliness, knowledge sharing to the areas we saw... I could go on and on.  Scott and Scott Jr worked double time to ensure we not only saw the beauty of the area but to ensure we put our eyes on several lions. It was important I learned too... Scott listened to my desires and took the time to show many different areas and took the time to explain the behaviors of a lions life.  First class operation all around starting with father and son and I would unconditionally recommend Canyon Rim Outfitters for a Mountain Lion Hunt!!

Bill P.,  PA

Bill P., PA

I spent 6 weeks hunting with other outfitters over a 17 year period of time in Utah and Colorado for a mountain lion.  Canyon Rim Outfitters got it done in 3 days!!  Hard working, great equipment, terrific area with lots of lions and awesome dogs!!  I cannot say enough good things about their operation. I would highly recommend Canyon Rim Outfitters.

Dave M.,  PA

Dave M., PA

This was my first time hunting in Colorado! Just let me tell you that Scott Sr and Jr both were awesome guys, they went above and beyond to make it a memorable experience! Day in and day out they both made sure they could do everything in their power to make sure the hunt was fun and successful! I would recommend this hunt with these guys to anyone that is looking for a tuff and crazy experience, they are really good at what they do!! It was a hunt of a lifetime I will never forget!

Jenny S.,  MI

Jenny S., MI

Scott and Jr. are the best dog handlers my husband and I have ever met. These guys have it 1000% from the beginning to the end! From 25 below to 40 above we experienced some of the worst hunting conditions possible and these guys and their dogs never gave up. We were given the opportunity that we came for and decided to take that memory home with us. Even though Scott and Jr worked so hard to give us that opportunity they never looked at us differently for not taking the lion. They worked just as hard after as they did before. It was the most "incredible high" that I ever experienced!!! You want a rush of a lifetime? Call these guys!!!

Albert C.,  MA

Albert C., MA

Canyon Rim Outfitters has top of the line equipment, that is well maintained and Scott and his son give you 100% to get you a lion. If there ever is a saying of 110% it's reserved for older hunters that appreciate the excellent hunt they provide. What I just said is all nice, but wouldn't mean a thing if Scott didn't have a great pack of lion hounds that can put the heat to a lion. As a man I have owned hounds for over 45 years and I'll tell you what a smile to my face to hear his hounds pound that lion and to hear the echo's off that canyon walls. We also ran a few other lions and what a thrill!

Dennis G.,  MO

Dennis G., MO

I hunted with Canyon Rim Outfitters last year. I was my fourth mountain lion hunt with different outfitters. I was a great hunt. Scott and his son are excellent lion hunters with great dogs. They work hard for their clients. I killed a large Tom after passing on a few smaller lions. Their equipment is top notch and they know how to hunt. I will go back and hunt with them again soon.

Rob M.,  PA

Rob M., PA

Called Canyon Rim Outfitters and spoke with Scott Sr to set my hunt up.  Sr called me 2 weeks prior to my scheduled date and asked if I could move my hunt up so I did.  I could not have asked for a better time.  Scott Sr and Scott Jr put me on a mountain lion track and made everything safe.  Not only did I get my mountain lion I also got the grand slam- with getting a Bobcat in the same week. Matter of fact with in A-day I had both lion and bobcat, I had a wonderful time and would love to do it again. I met Scott Sr's wife, thank you for the hospitality can't wait to do it again.  Anybody looking for a mountain lion hunt Scott Sr and Scott Jr will put you on the lions.

Thank you Scott Sr and Scott Jr for the great time.

Devin S.,  CO

Devin S., CO

Experience of a lifetime.

There are so many aspects of my lion hunt that I enjoyed, I don't know where to start. I knew I would be excited about the hunt and the opportunity to fill my tag, but as it turns out that was just the cherry on top. Both Scott Sr and Jr were knowledgeable, passionate, and professional. I hunted with both of them. They both are fun to be around, hard workers, and I could tell they love what they do! They made me feel very included in planning, finding the tracks, even down to the little things that made the trip special for me like getting to open the dog boxes to turn the dogs out on the first track we found! One of the things I did not expect to enjoy as much as I did were the dogs! Each have their own personality, skill sets, and gave their all. The relationship and communication between Scott Sr/ Jr and the dogs was truly incredible! Watching them work was one of the neatest experiences on my life! We had a lot of opportunities; I ended up filling my tag with a very respectable lion that I am proud of, that I was surprised to find great to eat. I also got a mount to remind me of the challenge, effort, and fun I had during my hunt. I feel blessed to have been a part of the team for my hunt. For me it was so much more than I could have expected or asked for and I cannot wait to plane my next trip with them!

Jim R.,  NE

Jim R., NE

Great hunt! I had an awesome time. Very experienced guides and dogs that will get you on the game. I would highly recommend Canyon Rim Outfitters.

John P.,  PA

John P., PA

Excellent Mountain Lion and Bobcat hunting experience

Scott, son Jr, wife Sheila and their hounds work together like a fine tuned machine. They know their hunting territory and the game they pursue extremely well. During my hunt with them we treed 3 Mt. Lions and a Bobcat. The snowy mountain scenery of Colorado in January was incredible. I was very impressed with Scott & Jr's houndsmanship and tracking skills. Their ATV's were surprising very comfortable and fun to ride while trying to cut tracks. I can not describe how exhilarating the feeling is once the chase begins. I have been hunting for close to 50 years now and this was one of the most physically challenging and self rewarding hunts I have ever been on. Now every day when I look at my gorgeous Mt. Lion and Bobcat mounts I count my blessings and appreciate how fortunate I am to have shared this great experience with them. 

I proudly share my photos and personal experiences with all my hunting friends.  After my recommending, 2 of my friends called Scott, booked hunts and both of them successfully harvested Mt. Lions.

Shawn M.,  PA

Shawn M., PA

My name is Shawn McLaughlin, I hunted with Canyon Rim Outfitters in 2016.  This is one of the best hunts I was ever on. I hunted with a lot of outfitters and Scott is one of the best. I was fortunate enough to kill a nice Tom on the second day of my hunt. If you are looking for a awesome hunt these are the guys to go with. They have great dogs and equipment to get the job done. Great hunt and great people, I highly recommend Canyon Rim Outfitters.

Steve R.,  PA

Steve R., PA

Great people, great dogs, great experience.  Scott will do whatever it takes to get you on a lion! Just really nice folks to be around - highly recommend this outfitter if you want to do some serious high country Mountain Lion hunting.

Mark J.,  CO

Mark J., CO

I hunted with Scott, his wife and his son on several occasions over the years. I have always been impressed with the ability of him and his dogs. I have gotten two lions with him and another lion with Scott and my daughter. His dogs always seemed to be able to find and tree a lion wherever it went. There were times when the dogs should have lost the cat but somehow were able to work their magic and find the track and tree the lion. Sometimes the hunt was a little challenging, but the rewards were well worth the effort. I would highly recommend Scott, his son and his dogs to hunt lions with. 

Mike Z.,  NE

Mike Z., NE

The experience of a lifetime! The hospitality, the dedication of all involved in the hunt they never gave me less than 100%. They were more like friends and family than business partner.

Nelson Q.,  CO

Nelson Q., CO

They don't waste your time and work hard to give you a great hunt.

Tia F,  PA

Tia F, PA

I had a great hunt and killed an awesome tom on the next to last day of the hunt. Scott and his son work hard and will do whatever is possible to make your hunt a success.

Joe H,  PA

Joe H, PA

Scott Sr, his crew, and his hounds are top notch! They will do whatever it takes and will do everything to meet your needs. I wanted a close shot since I wanted to use my recurve bow and ended up with a 8 yard shot to harvest my Tom!

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