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Common Questions About Hunting CO Mountain Lions

Common Questions About Hunting CO Mountain Lions

What caliber weapon is best?

We like the slower rounds of a non-magnum cartridge, example; 243,270,30-30 (Rifle) 357, 44 (Handgun)

What does the license cost?

Colorado, Non- resident Mt. Lion License is $351.75 Resident License $50.37

What do you need to buy a license?

  • Secure and Verifiable ID
  • Proof of hunter education
  • Habitat Stamp – A 2020 or Lifetime (habitat stamp is required prior to buying a license for anyone ages 18-64)
  • Mountain lion education certificate course and test.
    Online test can be found at: cpw.state.co.us/mountianlionEXAM

What are the season dates?

November 23,2020- March 31,2021. Unit will be closed once the quota is full.

Is Mountain lion good to eat?

Absolutely, Mountain Lion mean is delicious and lean. Almost any pork recipe can be substituted for lion meat instead of using pork.

Are there many lions in Colorado?

The Western slope of Colorado has a very healthy population of mountain lion and cougars.

What weapons are legal to harvest a lion?

Rifles and Handguns. Most weight 45 grains and produce 400 ft pounds @ the muzzle (min 20 gauge shotguns), hand held bows, and crossbows.

Do you need blaze orange?

During your lion hunt blaze orange is not required.

Is this hunt on public or private land?

We have many large ranches that we lease as well as all public lands.

Do you have a weapon to rent?

We have good lion hunting rifles available to use if you don’t want to bring your own weapon.

What is your success rate?

For the last 20 years we’ve been nearly 100% shot opportunity lions.