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Guided Colorado Mountain Lion Hunts

Guided Colorado Mountain Lion Hunts

Mountain Lion Hunts

What a RUSH! Elite Rocky Mountain Lion Hunts with Champion Pedigree Hounds.

This is the most enjoyable, exciting and fun hunt you'll ever experience. We have lots of record book lions, or cougars, in this area to hunt from November to March each year. We offer the best in Colorado Mountain Lion Hunts with a very well trained pack of cold nosed hounds, 4x4 trucks, and ATV’s with track systems.

A typical day starts early in the pre-dawn hours scouting the Western Slope looking for a fresh track, once we cut a track the hounds are released and the hunt is on. We will be going through rugged terrain following the hounds to where the lion is treed. Depending on the freshness of the lion track, hunting can be very demanding physically.


Mountain Lion Hunts CO

Rates & Packages

Colorado Mountain Lion Hunt:

  • Price: $9,000
  • Fully guided
  • 5-days, one hunter
  • Additional non-hunter/guest: $1,000

Not Included: Meals, Lodging, Gratuities

*A 50% non-refundable deposit is required for all reservations

Archery Mountain Lion Hunts

Archery Mountain Lion Hunts

Hunting mountain lions with archery equipment is the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE.

The Archery season for mountain lions last the entire duration of the season. I feel archery hunting big cats is extremely difficult due to the close quarters of 8-10’ shots or trying to thread the needle on a cougar that may climb all the way to the top of a Douglas fir.

Hunting a Cougar with a bow is a true adventure and we have guides that know how to make your hunt a success!

Bobcat Hunts

Guided Bobcat Hunts

Bobcat Hunts:

  • Price: $2,500
  • Fully guided

*A 50% non-refundable deposit is required for all reservations


Requirements for Hunting Mountain Lion in Colorado

Requirements for Hunting Mountain Lion in Colorado

Mountain Lion Education Certificate

You are required to complete the exam to purchase a mountain lion hunting license and hunt mountain lions in Colorado.

  • Guides, outfitters, and houndsmen are encouraged to take the course and exam.

It is illegal to obtain a mountain lion license or hunt cougars(concolor) without a mountain lion education certificate issued by Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW), attesting to successful completion of CPW’s Mountain Lion Education and Identification Course.

Hunters must carry the certificate while hunting cougars.


Dry Ground Hunts

Dry Ground Mountain Lion Hunts

The western slope in Colorado is home to inclement weather patterns, making cougar hunts challenging at times. Often times this means you will be hunting dry ground conditions. Not to worry though - our hounds or hunting dogs are experienced hunting in any conditions and will put you on a cat regardless of whether there is snow on the ground or not.

The hunter and houndsmen will follow the dogs as they search for a track or scent guides may not be able to see. When conditions dictate it, this is a productive method for dry ground hunts. If you can't see a track in the grass, on frozen ground or rock, the hounds are able to follow a scent trail.

Although challenging, these dry ground hunts are very exciting as you get to spend more time watching the dogs work and not to mention breathtaking views of the western slopes in the Colorado Rockies.

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