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The Mountain Lion Hunting Hounds

Plott Hounds

Plott Hounds - The Real Talent

We take great pride and confidence in hunting behind our well-trained pack of cold nosed plott hounds. Most guided cougar hunts take place in snow conditions and most mountain lion hunting outfitters and their hound lack the ability to consistently catch lions without the presence of snow.

We pride ourselves in being able to catch game in any and all conditions, not just when the snow is perfect. We Breed, raise, and train our very own strain of plott hounds that have been carefully selected and bred over many generations to be able to consistently catch lions in the toughest conditions.

Over years we have crossed our plott hounds with different blood lines to produce a strain of plotts that have a dirty cold nose, a ton of heart, desire, and brains to catch and hold elusive mountain lions. It is truly amazing to watch these hounds do exactly what they were born and raised to do with such determination and desire is simply incredible. These Dogs absolutely love their job and live for hunting lions.

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